Closed one chapter today–almost 17 years at my job in California. I threw away reams of paper including hand-written questionnaires for security positions from 25+years ago. Don’t ask me why I kept some of that stuff until the very last hour–it seemed important for a long time.

I said “so long” to the wonderful team of people I worked with so closely. After quite a lot of change after I first arrived, our current team has been working together almost 5 years (some a little shorter, some much longer) and we had the place running like a well-oiled machine! I think I am still feeling connected to them, because it just doesn’t feel like a big thing yet. Hard to believe I won’t be back in a couple weeks, greeting everyone Monday mornings, looking forward to my delightfully quirky patients, sharing sushi or Thai food for lunch on Fridays, and generally having a good time.

It’s much easier to believe I’ll be back soon, and that this is not good-bye. Retire May 2017

Next up: wardrobe re-do for Kenya. Skirts instead of pants, spray everything with permethrin, cotton instead of polyester or rayon, won’t need jackets, coats or fleece. Oh, and getting just what I need, no more and no less, into the two suitcases.

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