Finally, I have arrived in Nairobi. It was very dark last night driving in from the airport, so I didn’t see much, except for the tall buildings in the city center.

As soon as I got off the plane, the air felt different. It is softer on the skin. Perhaps it is the moisture, in contrast to the chill desert of the plane. The airport was lovely—so well-organized and spacious, and it took not long at all to get through the passport and visa review, baggage claim, and customs. Much shorter than London, for example, but of course it is a much smaller airport. Sierra Leone, last year, was my only other experience in an African airport, and it was very different. There, it was a scrum at baggage claim, just to get close to the carousel, and all flying elbows and careening luggage carts, each straining under the load of 5 or 6 enormous suitcases, to drag one’s bags out.

My taxi driver Rafael was waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. I think it was just a short drive, 15 or 20 minutes to the hostel. It was late, so I just signed in with the guards in the gated courtyard, and was shown to my room. It looked very much like the room the postulate is shown when she arrives at her first convent, but probably bigger. There is a crucifix above the single bed, a sink in the corner, and a cupboard (more capacious than the one the young nun gets) and a desk. You know you are not in Kansas anymore because of the mosquito net spun down from the ceiling, like a giant spider web. The bed has been captured—it makes me feel safe, not trapped.

Today, flying west to Kisumu, and then on to Matoso!

Note: sorry this is out of order–sb

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