Day Three in Matoso, Saturday 20 May.

Friday, yesterday, was a work day at the clinic. The morning started with the staff huddle, as Dr. Sam termed it, and a song and prayer. Everyone greeted me with handshakes and introductions. There are many staff, and they all adopted English names, and some share the same name—I think there are three men named Peter, for instance. I saw patients with Dr. Sam, and with one of the nurses. It was a good day.

Today Dr. Sam walked with me to a neighboring village where we visited the Lalmba Children’s Home. I saw the children’s rooms which were very tidy, with 4 beds per room and each child has a suitcase where clothes are stored. The beds are bunk beds, and I am told the older children sleep on the top bunk with younger ones getting the bottom. There is a cook house where wood is used for cooking, and a dining hall which doubles as a learning center or homework center.

Then we went to the home of Hugh and Marty, the founders of Lalmba. They have a beautiful home in a village farther up the lakeshore. They have planted many bougainvillea and trees that look a little like mimosa, with the feathery leaves. There are separate buildings for sleeping, for cooking, for an office. All of the buildings are round, constructed of concrete blocks or local bricks, and thatched with grass. This type of construction is very functional for the climate here, as the thatch keeps it cool inside. The buildings are called “tuko”, as in “I want to move into the tuko.”

2 thoughts on “Day Three in Matoso, Saturday 20 May.

  1. It sounds as if things are moving right on schedule for you. I enjoyed your descriptions of the compound & the buildings. I would love to see pictures. Ard you finding that technology is better than you first thought? I am healing well from my mc wreck. My thigh is doing much better. Looking for a new to me mc now. Take care & keep your blog going.


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