Some of our clients.

A Word about Fundraising, May 27, 2017

I promise this blog is not meant as a way to raise money for Lalmba, and so will mention fundraising efforts rarely. But I am often asked what people can do to help, so I want to include some links for those that are interested. There are many worthy charities, I am sure, that do work in Africa. Lalmba is the only one I am personally aware of and involved in.


Here you will find information about the various projects of Lalmba in Kenya and Ethiopia, and ways to connect if you would like to volunteer or donate. You can also read about this summer’s walk (called Tembea Na Mimi 2017) through the Rift Valley, ending in Matoso. Perhaps you will be inspired to sponsor a walker.

Dr. Sam on crowdrise:

Dr. Shankar “Sam” Raman is an infectious disease specialist who recently closed his busy practice in Bakersfield and spent three months at the Lalmba Clinic here in Kenya. He has been very passionate about the clinic and the orphan’s home nearby, another Lalmba project in Kenya. His site is very nice, with pictures and stories. Money raised there goes directly to Lalmba. If you go to his site, you can read a story about this little girl, Ruth, and see her picture from a month ago. She is gaining weight and is now 8 weeks old. (Picture taken May 25. 2017)

Ruth and her mother



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