I can’t remember the name of this type of house, but it is much cooler than the increasingly common steel roofed structures. The grass roof breaks down, however, and one must employ a specialist who knows how to make the roof repairs. The house here in the Expat housing area is being re-done, and I am trying to follow the deconstruction and repair. You will be able to see it too, if I get my camera/photo downloading problem fixed. Today I will put up some of what I have so far.

New roofing
Large bundles of much wider, longer grass began to appear on the grounds in preparation for the repair
Roofing Material
Long bamboo poles also appeared prior to the repair work on the house. These are not big enough to be upright supports, so I am not yet sure how they will be used. The tool whose handle you see looks like an old file with a homemade handle.


Roofing material
The first layer, around the bottom, are unique-looking bundles that have been trimmed into this shape, and are saved.
Several layers of grass are off and we see the dirty sloping roof supports and the bamboo cross-bars with some damage.
Several layers off, showing complete loss of some of the lower bamboo cross bars.
The fundi hams it up for the camera.


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