A friend set up my computer so that photos from my phone automatically were saved to the “camera roll” anytime my phone was plugged in. It has been great—no struggling to send huge files by e-mail, and I had worked out how to find them and add them to my blog.

A day or two ago I installed Dropbox on this computer for the first time, and it seems to have changed everything. Now I cannot find my latest pictures. I looked at my device settings, and just now at my Dropbox settings and adjusted a few things. Wish me luck, or this will be a very visually boring blog!

2 thoughts on “Tech Trouble on the Blog

  1. Steph, for what it’s worth: I set up a Dropbox and wasn’t impressed. I dropped Dropbox and use Google “Photos” and all the add-ins that I like from the Chrome set. I use Chrome on my Macbook Pro even (I don’t use Windows computers much anymore). This way, all my photos upload to my free cloud-based Google Drive where I can access them from any app and even on my phone.

    This blog is sure to be a great book when you get back.

    Hope this helps in some way.


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