Joyce, Manager of the Lalmba Cookhouse.

and center of my life!IMG_1707

Note, eggs are not refrigerated here. They are so fresh they seem to last for weeks safely.
Rainwater Tank
Rainwater is saved in multiple places in the compound, and carried to where it is needed. The “running water” is pumped directly from the lake.
Rainwater collection
Showing the large, at least 6 inch gutters for collecting rainwater from the steel roof.
Some of the interior showing construction of the roof. There is no ceiling, but I think a request for a quote is out, to see if it is feasible to add ceilings to the expat housing and cookhouse. Ceilings seem to reduce the heat that otherwise just radiates inward during the day from the steel roof.
More ceiling here. The spiral around the center upright of the truss is not part of the construction, but I think it is leftover decoration. The top of the pantry door shows behind the kitchen area.
All cooking takes place here on the three burners. Joyce can even bake cookies and cakes on the stove top. She is amazing!

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