Arrival after ten days
The gate to the compound is on the far right, and you can see some of the school children following the Masai drover.

We have had an exciting few days here at Lalmba, Kenya. A group of Lalmba supporters from North America, both Canada and the US, walked for ten days across southern Kenya, and through the Rift Valley to raise money for the Lalmba programs. They walked just outside of the Masai Mara Reserve, seeing a great deal of wildlife, and then through rural farmland where they were greeted by hundreds of school children and villagers. This is the second, biennial “Big Walk” done as a fundraiser, and involved ten walkers, 20 camels, 5 or 6 drovers, and one of the owners of the camel farm. A huge undertaking for these folks—I am impressed that they can do it as often as they do.IMG_2028

It has been a great way to support Lalmba for people who cannot spend a year or two volunteering. I believe that people at home sponsor each walker, and one can follow their route on their Facebook page, Tembea na Mimi, which shows the yellow logo of Lalmba.

IMG_2001Camels have never been seen in this part of Kenya until Lalmba first brought them two years ago for the first “Tembea ne Mimi,” (Swahili for Walk with Me.) The children are so excited to see them that they stop, for a moment, their refrain of “Mzungu, how are you?”

Camels at the beach
They are uninterested in the fresh water of the lake, but instead chew enthusiastically at the thorny, scrubby beach plants.

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