I have been welcomed everywhere I go in Kenya–and people love to take their picture with the white lady! The pictures are just snapshots of daily life here, with friendly Kenyans, both familiar and brief acquaintances.

I need a lighthearted topic today, as we await the outcome of the election.

Here we are, in the cookhouse.

Tea with Dorothy and Valerie
Dorothy on the right, her younger sister Valerie, and me. The girls made tea the Kenya way: One liter of milk, and equal amount of water, and then they heated that to boiling and colored it with one teabag. It certainly didn’t keep anyone awake!
Michael, one of the guards, and I in front of the tuko.
Maxwell shoots the “selfie” of all of us: two friends from Migori town, me, and Tamara.


This boy let me hold him for quite a while at a friend’s house.


I took two pictures to capture all the kids hanging out at our friend Joseph’s house. One boy made sure he was in both!
On the shore at the Victoria See Lodge, our place to go have a meal or drink with friends.

One thought on “Can We Take a Picture?

  1. Stephanie, it is so wonderful to see you and your friends smiling faces! Glad you are doing well and learning and appreciating so many things.


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