Tamara talks with Gideon while people work. In the distance you see the office/classrooms closest to us, and the long school building on the right.

I went back to Ochuna and the Craft Cooperative with friends and took some more pictures of the crafters, crafts and the organizers. We had a lovely time and the basket makers even let me try my hand at adding rows of sisal fiber. They do it by threading a needle with one fiber, then binding on the bundle of fibers to the round. Sewing is the same here at the end of the road!

Various pots. These are all fired but unglazed, and are made with the pinch method–the clay is formed into the desired shape by pinching, not by coiling or other methods.
Making pots with the pinch method.
New Luo pots ready to dry.



Porridge cups or bowls, made from gourds.

A nice selection, showing market basket, smaller baskets, and the really fine ones made purely of sisal threads. I like the natural colors, but apparently the pink and purple (see featured picture) hotter sellers here.
wood carvings
Some of the wood carvings. Compare the boats shown here, to the real thing, below.


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