I guess it all depends on what you are used to. We Americans keep being surprised by our Kenyan co-workers and how they bundle up when the weather is on the cool end of the range. The range is pretty small, relative to say, Reno, where the weather can be 50 degrees different between night and day. It is almost always between 60 and 90 here. Here’s the thermometer on the morning of one day last week:

73 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 C. Pretty nicee weather, right? Also note elegant hanging system: duct tape on solid block wall.

On this day, Tamara and I showed up to work at 8 am in our usual short sleeves and long pants or long skirt. It had rained a little bit and was still dripping lightly, but nothing to get excited about. But our morning parade which is usually under the trees in the center of the compound, had been relocated to the porch in front of the lab. And our friends were dressed quite differently than we were!

Sorry the light is so bad–I was in a hurry and didn’t want people to pose.

I had observed before that what felt cold to people here did not feel cold to me, but this was the first time that I remembered the thermometer I found in Nairobi for the lab, and had my phone handy. Also, after almost 5 months here I feel comfortable laughing and joking with the wonderful staff about our differences. And laugh we did!

Joseph N, the IT specialist, adherence counselor, defaulter tracker and accountant!

One thought on “Hot and Cold in Kenya

  1. Yes Stephanie, I would agree that Joseph seems a bit overdressed in that long rain slicker he has on. Im so glad that you are having a good time there. Take care and I shall see you when you get home. Your friend. Dave


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