Several people have asked if they can send me something for Christmas. Really, it is crazy to send gifts here! It costs me money to pay the customs, and someone has to go to Migori during the work day to pick up packages from the posta.

If you are truly motivated to give this holiday season, I would be most grateful if you would donate to Lalmba. Mention my name if you like. I promise, this is the best gift for me.

You can give here:

Or send a check to Lalmba Association, 1000 Corey St. Longmont, CO 80501

To give you an idea how your donation can help, here are some of the medical projects (actually a very small sample) that Lalmba is working on, and I am involved in, in Kenya:

  • Receiving blankets and soft towels for the newborn babies in Maternity. It is considered bad luck to prepare much and bring things to the hospital, so some women arrive with nothing. I am buying these in Matoso Center, used, at 50 shillings each (about 50 cents.)
  • Expansion of services to adolescents, those young people ages 15-24 who are most at risk for new HIV infection, unwanted pregnancy, sexual assault, and trading sex for food. We hope to create a welcoming corner in the compound where youth can gather, talk with trained peers and each other, and have easy access to a nurse for accurate health information and confidential services like sexually transmitted infection screening.
  • Digital thermometers and blood pressure cuffs so that each nurse can have their own.
  • Proper scales and height measurement for infants, children, and adults.
  • Possible in the future: adding care for HIV patients in Ochuna. Currently they have to travel quite far for care. (We provide primary care and anti-retroviral drugs to about 500 children, adolescents and adults living with HIV in the big clinic in Matoso.)

Lalmba does good work. See the website for more information.

Join me in gratitude for all we have, and remember, we can only keep what we give away: love, compassion, knowledge, respect, and clean living! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.




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