So, I live right on the shore of Lake Victoria. We hear the waves at night. Unfortunately, we also live very close to the people of the small center of Matoso. When people here have a funeral they always seem to hire loudspeakers, microphones, and music, and the speeches, music and sermons go on all night long. This week there have been two nights where we were not able to get much sleep due to noise from a funeral on an adjoining property.
After Thursday night’s festivities, I decided that I needed to get away for at least one night.
I am staying at a friend’s compound even closer to the water, and about 30 minutes walk from Matoso. It is so gorgeous here, and so very quiet. IMG_2666

This morning I woke up and enjoyed the antics of the vervet monkeys that live here.

They climbed on the cookhouse roof, looked in the windows, played peekaboo with Tamara, and sprang wildly from treetops to the ground to the roof and back.

One of the monkeys playing on the solar panels atop the power house.
One of the monkeys playing on the solar panels atop the power house.

We fed them our banana peels. There’s a baby with its mother and the baby is about the same size as the kitten born a few weeks ago to the feral cat in our compound.
This property is more rural and next to some very rocky hills called Got Kachola. I’ve always known that the monkeys hung out on the hill but I didn’t know they came down to the compound here. The compound is very lush and there are so many Bougainvillea plants of different colors that the owners have had planted here. IMG_2676

Right outside the bedroom.

I hope my pictures can partially do it justice. Of course I can’t show the wonderful expanse of rocky shoreline beach and property that they have but I can show you glimpses.

Looking North to Got Kachola
Shoreline at the Downey’s House.

I am so grateful for the quiet rest here.

Lots of seating areas scattered about.

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