Small Business: repairing plastic tubs and buckets. Matoso Center 2017

Like everything else in Kenya, I expect 2018 to be a very similar, patched and mended 2017. The work goes on, slowly by slowly, both clearing the fence line and mentoring the nurses.

I spotted this guy in Matoso Center (we are not big enough to be a village) on Wednesday, market day. He had his fire and tools set up in the shade of a tree and was mending plastic basins and buckets. My bet is he charged only 30-50 shillings (about 30-50 cents) to repair each item. He heats up the fire with a bellows made from a grain-sack.

Smoothing the plastic strip on the inside of the wash pan with hot metal.

I got my panga sharpened, both edges, and it only cost 30 shillings. A handle for my new jembe, the heavy hoe-like chopping tool, cost only 50 shillings but still must be fitted to the blade. My friend Maxwell, a young man trying to get enough school fees together to go to school for engineering, made a handle for my new rake from a branch lying in the compound. The most expensive item in my collection is my new full-length (120 feet) ¾ inch hose-pipe. It cost 3000 Ksh, or $30.00 in Migori, and like all hose-pipes I have seen here has no threads or fittings on either end. I am learning how to tie things together with strips of inner-tube! Never throw those useful things away.  I am collecting my own tools so I no longer have to borrow from the groundsmen. I will leave most of them here when I leave, but I may take the panga and jembe with me.

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